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$995 Certificate Fee comes with 2-Year Access

C.T.C.’s Tactical Athlete Program Instructor Course which is legally and medically supported allows the officer to complete half of their training and certification through our interactive online training portal.  The other half includes a 5-day 40-hour live in person course where we will go through all the techniques with you and answer all questions.

The Tactical Athlete Program Instructor Course certificate is valid for two years from the date of purchase.  Officers/Students are encouraged to schedule training as soon as possible to receive their instructor certification.  The officer/student has complete access to both the “Tactical Athlete Program Certification Course” and “Tactical Athlete Program Instructor Course” online website resources, all videos, lesson plan templates, and resource material at the time of registration.





The Tactical Athlete Program Instructor Course is designed for the law enforcement trainer/student.  This includes our “Tactical Athlete Program Certification interactive online course” and a 5-day 40-hour live in person instructor training course.

It includes detailed instruction in: 

Performance Enhancement Techniques to be physically and mentally prepared for duty which leads to increased confidence and performance.

Nutrition and Fitness which allows for peak performance, the reduction of stress and chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.  We will give you workouts and resources to get you in shape in our TAP Virtual Workout Studio. 

Mental Health Awareness and Verbal De-Escalation Techniques which reduces the use of force and allows the conflict to be resolved in a positive manner.

Proven Defensive Tactics and Instructional Guide on how to teach and implement the complete program into the agency which increases the officer/students confidence, reduces excessive force and injuries to the officer and public they serve.

Completed Lesson Plans templated for the instructors saving them time and resources when planning training for their agency.

Administration Training this part of our website an admin of an agency can assign officers modules and monitor their progress which allows the officers to reference the material before the next training block.

Once you purchase the T.A.P. Instructor Course and are approved, please login and RSVP to the upcoming event of your choice to reserve your place in the seminar.