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Most defensive tactics systems are either in effective or too complex for the officer to retain which leads to failure. These failures have cost millions of dollars in lawsuits, fractured public trust, the loss of credibility in the court system, serious injuries and death to both the public and the peace officers who serve their communities on a daily basis.

This is why we created the Tactical Athlete Program (T.A.P.), a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive control tactics program that is revolutionizing the way law enforcement and security agencies train their officers. 

Law enforcement, military, and security professionals are in need NOW more than ever of a complete tactical system that covers de-escalation, use of force law, use of force best practices, lesson plan development, use of force reporting, performance enhancement techniques, officer wellness, including mental health.  The control tactics are formulated to give law enforcement officers the skills to gain control over a combative subject as quickly as possible.  The tactics are based on control with rapid transition to handcuffing.  The goal of the T.A.P. system is to reduce the law enforcement officers use of force being used thus reducing injury to suspects, officers and bystanders. 

Complete Tactical Consultants was formed by a group of elite level professional combat athletes, coaches, law enforcement, veteran military, and licensed medical doctors to create The Tactical Athlete Program, a complete tactical system.

The T.A.P. system is accredited and certified in all states and the program is currently used by state law enforcement training academies.  Our website and mobile application provide instant training for DT’s and individual officers, you can assign and review the program’s curriculum 24/7/365. 

If you or your agency are using another tactical program, your training is simply not COMPLETE.


The Tactical Athlete Program

The Tactical Athlete Program which is medically and legally supported, provides today’s law enforcement officer with instruction in Nutrition, Mental Health Awareness, Performance Enhancement Techniques, De-escalation Techniques, and Proven and Effective Defensive Tactics.  These techniques and tactics are currently implemented successfully with the highest level of professional athletes and special combat operatives because it provides them the proper foundation, mindset, and strategy that allows them to stay focused and in the process at all times.

The Tactical Athlete Program focuses on traits of human behavior.  Our Instructors have completed training through the Force Science Institute on human factors.   Attention aspects of human factors are studied in law enforcement, athletes and athletic performance, attention is also a question during all use of force incidents.  The Tactical Athlete Program emphasizes many aspects of attention in our technical training program.  The program is designed to train the officer in small periods of time, so they become proficient at the given task.  With our videos demonstrating each technique, a planned-out curriculum each month, and having access to the information 24/7.  The user can review the information on a continual basis, be engaged and learn at his or her own pace with the convenience of a phone or computer from anywhere at any time.

Studies of human factors as well as the nutrition, mental health awareness, performance enhancement and de-escalation techniques make the Tactical Athlete Program the most complete training program available.

BONUS: With our interactive website the T.A.P. online course can also be implemented into the entire agency.  The agency will then have the ability to monitor the officer’s progress, view the officer’s test scores, and calculate the number of hours of training the officers have completed.  The website was designed to save the agency time and money while giving the individual user consistent reference information, unlike any other training curriculum in the market today.


The Tactical Athlete Program Foundation


Nutrition is the backbone to optimal health, wellness and performance. Performance starts from the time a person wakes up, and finishes when they hit the pillow again. This not only includes performance on the job but also daily activities like taking care of family, ourselves, and performance in the gym or other physical activities. Proper nutrition and nutrient timing improves reaction time, concentration, muscle performance, endurance, energy levels, and decreases recovery time.

Performance Enhancement

Leading Performance Enhancement Psychologist, Dr. Jack Stark provides 6 Key Performance Enhancement Techniques that include:

  • Performance Relaxation
  • Instant Focus
  • In the Zone
  • Visualization
  • Peak Performance
  • Deep Sleep

Encompassing these techniques allows the law enforcement officer to to be physically and mentally prepared for duty which leads to increased confidence and performance.

Mental Health Awareness

28 percent of the U.S. populace is affected by a mental health illness. Mental illness covers the entire gamut of drug and alcohol addictions to mild-severe psychological disorders. The Tactical Athlete Program covers the 5 different types of mental illness and how law enforcement can successfully manage and assist those individuals during a crisis situation.

De-Escalation Techniques

The Tactical Athlete Program provides the law enforcement officer with De-Escalation Techniques that allows the officer to convey their sense of calm, control, and confidence which reduces the use of force and allows conflict to be resolved in a positive manner.

Defensive Tactics

The Tactical Athlete Program includes simple, proven and effective Defensive Tactics which increases officer confidence, reduces excessive force and injuries to the officer and public they serve.

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